I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than coming home after a hectic day and finding my little dog waiting for me by the door. Even if I just go away for a few hours, she’s always excited to see me and reacts like I’m some sort of super hero or famous celebrity

And it’s enough to fill my heart with so much joy and love. As it turns out there’s, actually an explanation for why dogs always seem so happy to see their owners. One factor that plays into it has to do with dogs’ curious nature.

But the most important part of it comes down to dogs genuinely loving the company of their human owners. There’s a sense of familiarity that dogs experience every time they see their owners, a feeling that is very comforting and reassuring to them.

But even if there was no scientifically explanation, it’s enough to just look at moments like the one captured in the video below to realize there is a special kind of bond that forms between a dog and his owner. This dog hasn’t seen his owner in months, and his reaction as he gets reunited with his human dad is a deeply touching one. Watch the lovely scene here: