Gas Station Employee Spots Man With Shaking Woman, Tells Her To ‘Stand Behind Him’

No one likes to picture themselves in a life-threatening situation, but the reality is that we live in dangerous world. Anything can happen, at any given time, and the only comfort we have is that someone is going to stand up for the right things, if the situation asks for it.
That being said, the story in the video below could have had an entirely different ending if it hadn’t been for the wit and bravery of a gas station employee who put himself at risk to save someone in danger.
The quick-thinking hero stopped an alleged kidnapping by scarring off a carjacking suspect. The gas station employee just had that gut feeling that something wasn’t right when he spotted the alleged kidnapper entering the store with a woman whom seemed to be shaking. Without thinking about the risks he is exposing himself to, the employee intervened by acting on his instinct.
But instead of calling the police as many of us would probably do in the same situation, the man decided to act right away, so as not to give the kidnapper a chance to run away with the victim. So he put himself in front of the alleged kidnapper who was also armed and told him to leave the woman and go.
Intimidated by the employee who stood up for the woman, although she was a stranger to him, the alleged kidnaper walked away without her. Luckily, no one was hurt as a result of this confrontation. To learn more about this story, make sure to check out the news report below.

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