Gardener uses Epsom salt in ways I never thought of. The tips can help any gardener!

Many gardeners focus on the NPK and other key organic nutrients when it comes to choosing the best fertilizers for their garden and to build healthy soil. Well, one of the best kept gardening secrets is that there’s no need for expensive NPK fertilizers to keep healthy plants and your garden expanding beautifully.
One of the most inexpensive yet most commonly overlooked nutrient is magnesium sulfate which many people know under the name Epsom salt.
Epsom salt offers many great benefits for your garden because it works within your plants once added into the soil. For starters, Epsom salt is an excellent source of magnesium sulfate and is pH neutral. This means that unlike other products available on the market, it will not do your soil any harm.
Peppers, tomatoes, and roses are three plants that are usually magnesium deficient and that stand to benefit the most from Epsom salt. But it will help all the plants in your garden, making them look greener and more alive.
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