Funny German Shepherd Dog Reacts To The News She’ll Soon Be A Big Sister

The moment has arrived to inform Artie, the German Shepherd, about the arrival of a new puppy. This includes capturing her amusingly astounded reaction on video!

Artie and her owner are in the car when the latter chooses to share the news.

“Artie, I’ve got something exciting to tell you,” she begins. “You’re going to become a big sister.”

Artie slowly turns her head to look directly at her owner.

“We’re bringing home a new puppy,” she goes on. “You’ll soon have a little brother.”

This is when Artie’s face registers an expression that’s a mix of surprise and hilarity as she comprehends the implications of her owner’s words. After a few moments, her surprised expression seems to soften, and it almost looks like a smile starts to grace her face.

Enjoy watching Artie’s comical response in the video below.

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