Funko Pop creates figure for Australian firefighters to raise funds for animals affected by bushfires

Do you know the popular Funko pop figures? If you are a fan, or you didn’t even hear about them you might be interested in buying their newest creation. In a nice collaboration with Popcultcha, the company has created a ‘Bushfire Heroes’ figure. It is a beautiful item showing an Australian firefighter cuddling a koala. But the brand new toy wasn’t created as a design object or a sad reminder of the devastating bushfires that have been blazing through Australia. It is a part of a beautiful fundraising campaign and also to honour the brave firefighters that made superhuman efforts to battle the blaze.

In an official statement, Funko sais that all profits from the sales, which retails for around $19.99 Australian dollars, will be donated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ National Bushfire Appeal.

Pre-orders for the figurine are now open, with delivery expected in June.

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