Adorable fox interrupts woman’s quiet picnic only to join her

A new mom was enjoying a picnic outside Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, when suddenly an uninvited guest decided to join her. Jessika Toward from Inverness was relaxing and enjoying a sandwich with her mom, shortly after giving birth to her daughter, when a cheeky fox decided to join them. Even surprised, the 22-year-woman wasn’t bothered at all by the furry presence and she even filmed the adorable moment.

The cute fox was far from being shy in her attempt to have a little snack, which he got it in the end. “It was an amazing experience,” Jessika told Daily Record. ” At first I thought it was maybe a dog coming over. My mum went back in to feed my cub while I listened to some nature meditation and once it finished I looked around and saw the foxy coming over but I didn’t expected it to join me on the blanket.”

Jessika couldn’t believed her eyes, though, when realizing the sweet animal is on her feet. But only when the fox started to sniff her food, Jessika was aware of her intentions. However, the food wasn’t the only reason the little fox approached the new mother. The adorable animal then started to play with Jessika’s shoes. “Hello, leave my shoe, please leave my shoe,” the woman can be heard.

The nice intruder eventually got what she was seeking for and then she lost her way. “Hello, nice foxy,” Jessika said. “Okay, take that, take the sandwich there’s nothing left.”

Watch the adorable encounter, here:

(Credits Jessika Towards)

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