Football Players Think Pep Rally Is Over, Then Their Moms Line Up For Epic Dance.

Even if your parents are the coolest people alive, chances are you won’t see them this way when you’re a teen. No matter how awesome and trendy your mom and dad are, you’re going to find a way to make it seem like their mere presence is enough to embarrass you.
Even so, it’s parents’ jobs to make sure they are a part of their children’s lives, and that means getting involved in their activities. But the moms in the video below did more than just help their kids with a school project.
These cool moms took over the stage at a school event and dazzled everyone with their energy and moves. The eleven women started off their routine by wearing white masks, so you can imagine everyone’s surprise when they realized the awesome dancers they were clapping for were actually moms.
And the women seemed to be having the time of their lives breaking stereotypes and surprising everyone.
Their surprise performance went viral online and was viewed more than three million times on YouTube alone. If you haven’t seen this yet, make sure you watch it now! It’s totally worth it.

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