Foolish thug incriminates himself in less than 30 seconds. Listen to what he told the judge…

Lying is always wrong, no matter what the context is. But if you’re going to lie about not doing something, at least make sure you’re not going to say something to give yourself away. It takes a lot of planning and being an extremely intelligent person to be able to come up with the perfect lie, and the man in the video below has none of these attributes.
The man was charged with stealing and appeared in front of a judge to plead his innocence. The man was accused of stealing a young woman’s wallet. The man repeatedly said in front of the judge that he was not guilty.
To solve the case and find out if the man was telling the truth or not, the judge in charge of the case asked a simple question. The judge asked the plaintiff to tell her and everyone who was in the room what exactly was the content of the wallet. The plaintiff started to list everything that was stolen from her. She included an earpiece. At that point, the defended said there was no such thing in the wallet.
How could he have known if he hadn’t stolen the wallet in the first place?

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