Fisherman has tearful reunion with dog he thought he’d lost at sea

This is the beautiful moment an old fisherman is been reunited with his senior Jack Russell. The man miraculously made it after his boat capsized, yet his beloved pup got trapped inside and he though he lost him forever. However, volunteers managed to pull the dog out and bring him back to his owner. The tearfully reunion was caught on camera!

Alfonse Attard is a 75-year-old seasoned fisherman from Altonam a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The man and his best friend – 17-year-old dog named Jack – are inseparable, so even when Attard goes out at sea for fishing, his loyal companion is with him. This time was the same!

Herald Sun

The pair were on a fishing trip about half a mile off Altona beach, when they got intro troubles. Water started to leak into their boat and within minutes it sank, with the two struggling to save their lives. Fortunately, Trever Borg and his father Laurie who were also fishing nearby, spotted Attard and rushed to save him. It didn’t take too long until the father and son duo grabbed the old fisherman onto their boat and taken him on shore.

Herald Sun

Attard was now safe, but he then realized his beloved dog might be lost forever, so he asked for help. Volunteers from the Altona Life Saving and a water police team went back to the capsized boat to search for tiny Jack. But only when they managed to pull the boat out the water, they found the dog. Jack has miraculously lived inside the boat.

Attard with Laurie Borg and son Trever Borg at the boat ramp in Altona. Credit: Sarah Matray/ Herald Sun

The moment Attard realized his buddy is alive, he couldn’t stop crying. But there were tears of joy and happiness! “He made me cry, I’ve had him for 18 years and I thought he was finished,” the fisherman told Herald Sun. “Wherever I go, he goes with me.”

You can watch their reunion, here!

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