SAN MARCOS, Calif. — It’s a touching image — that symbolizes the sacrifice and dedication of all firefighters.

CBS News 8’s Marcella Lee first saw the photo on Twitter, but the tweet had no details. After some searching, the “selfie” was traced back to an Escondido restaurant, where one of the owners had the answers. “He took that photo yesterday to show to wife,” said Monica Calles, owner of Plan 9 Alehouse.

A quick selfie that San Marcos firefighter Tim Bergon took to let his wife know he was okay has gone viral on Facebook. “We were kind of shocked at how people responded honestly but I guess it just really shows you how much that meant to everybody because of what they did,” Calles said.

The photo, reposted from the original firefighter, identified by ABC News as Tim Bergon, now overflows with more than 1,000 comments — all full of gratitude and messages of support.

“Thank you to each and every one of you brave souls putting YOUR lives on the line to fight for people/property that you’ll never know – YOU are AMAZING!” reads one message.

Adds another, “Thank you from Colorado – folks like you have saved our homes and families more times than we can count. God bless and kick butt!”