Firefighters rescue drowning dog from icy river in dramatic footage

It was a race against the clock for this firefighters to rescue a pup from an icy river!

A couple of days ago firefighters from the Blaj Fire Department, Alba county, Romania went above and beyond to save a drowning dog from the frozen waters of Tarnava Mare river. With the dog’s life on the line, the rescuers had to move quickly, but they also needed to be very careful as the thin ice could had broke anytime.


Using a long ladder one of the firefighters tries to reach the dog who’s desperately trying to keep his head afloat. The brave firefighter gets close enough but the poor dog is scared and confused, so his attempt to grab him fails. Fortunately, the rescuer finally grabs the drowning pup on his second attempt and safely takes him on shore. The dog was then taken to a vet and after his microchip was read he was able to reunite his owner. The dog is named Miky and he’s 8-year-old.

Blaj Fire Department

A video footage of the dramatic rescue went viral, after The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania shared it on their Facebook page. ” Hearing this poor soul crying is goose bumping,” The The Ministry of Internal Affairs wrote. “We want to thank these people [firefighters] for their devotion.”

Watch the heart thumping rescue here:

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