Finding the cat in this pile of leaves is the latest brain-teaser

This photo of a fluffy cat perfectly camouflaged into a pile of leaves has the Internet baffled as everyone is struggling to spot her. After so many head-scratching optical illusions, another brain-teaser has challenged the internet!

People are having a very hard time to spot Lion – the cat in a massive pile of leaves, and the struggle is real. It all started when Avery Shrader, the cat’s owner, had to rank the leaves from her backyard. Since her spoiled kitten is always seeking to play and have fun, she just jumped into the large pile her mom made and began to explore it. Naturally, just as any kitten mom, Avery decided to capture the moment, so she took a snap of her cat while exploring the leaves. Then, she got back to ranking while Lion continued to have fun.

Can you spot the cat?


However, later when Avery finished the ranking, she looked at the photo she took earlier that day, but surprisingly she couldn’t spot Lion in it. She even asked a few friends, but the answer was the same – ‘there’s no cat in this photo.’ But, Lion was there, only she used her very unique ability to get a perfect camouflage.


“Most people I showed couldn’t find her since she blends right in. Even my dog couldn’t sniff her out when they were playing in the leaves together!,” the woman later explained for The Dodo. “Lion’s favorite hobby is … laying on the stairs so she can bite you when you step on her.”


Lion is a tortoiseshell cat. Her black-orange-red fur is a color mix that makes her impossible to spot, especially when laying on a pile of leaves.

(h/t: thedodo)

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