He filmed a moose but never expected the moose to react like THIS

It seems like drones are everywhere these days, right? They are relatively inexpensive, and they can be used for a wide array of actions, from getting an artistic shot of your wedding, to spying on your neighbors.
Needless to say, not everybody is happy about how popular drones have come to be. Some say this type of technology can lead to violation of privacy, and they definitely make a valid point. Still, drones can also be used to grant people access to places that would have otherwise remained a mystery.
A cameraman working for a Norwegian Broadcasting Company Norway came across a curious moose as he was trying to get an artistic shot of the landscape by flying a drone. The way the moose reacted to seeing the drone is just priceless to watch. At first, the confused moose seemed to ignore the drone, but after a while, curiosity got the best of him. The animal began to sniff the strange object in the sky, until he finally got bored of following the drone and got back to grazing.
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