Father-Daughter Dance Is Sweet And Traditional. Then Dad Looks At The Camera And Stuns Everybody

The father-daughter dance is definitely one of the most important moments at any wedding. Most commonly, the father and bride choose to slow-dance to a song that conveys how special the relationship between a woman and her father is. That’s the traditional way of doing it.
Well, the father and bride in the video below decided they wanted to do something out-of-the-box, and surprised the wedding guests with an energetic dance routine that left everybody open-mouthed.
Mikayla Ellison is a former BYU graduate and member of the BYU International Folk Dance team. She recently got married to the man of her dreams who is also a BYU student. But, as it turns out, Mikayla is not the only person in her family to have a talent when it comes to music.
Her dad showed he’s still got it! He managed to steal the show with this awesome move and high energy. After the dance was over, the DJ actually said, “Somebody please put this on YouTube. It needs to go viral.”
The DJ’s instinct was right. Once it was uploaded online, the clip began to spread like wildfire. Make sure you see it too!

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