Fat cop vs fat suspect is the funniest police chase ever

Everybody’s body is different, and it’s each person’s decision how exactly they want to treat their bodies. That being said, it’s pretty common knowledge that people who are overweight have a harder time running, or doing any other type of physical exercise for that matter, than people who are fit and are more careful when it comes to the type of food they eat on a regular basis.
So it would only make sense that people who work to protect us and who are supposed to be able to chase suspects in order to make an arrest to be the kind of people who are in great physical shape. Well, as it turns out there’s some truth to that myth that says most cops can’t say no to a box of donuts and sugary drinks.
Or at least the cop in the video below can’t. The clip recorded by someone who witnessed the whole scene shows the cop having a hard time chasing a suspect down a street. The cop has a few extra pounds that slow him down.
Luckily for him, the man he was chasing was about the same weight as he is. This has to be the most hilarious police chase ever caught on video.

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