Family Saves Stranded Octopus – The Next Day, He Returns to Thank Them In Remarkable Fashion

Did you know octopuses are among the most intelligent marine creatures? Believe it or not, Scientists have discovered that octopuses can navigate their way through mazes and solve problems pretty fast.
And, as if that wasn’t impressive enough, octopuses actually have the capacity to remember those solutions and apply them to solve the same problem, at least for the short term. This is clear evidence that octopuses are extremely smart, but are they conscious?
Well, if the video below is any indication of the truth, there’s a lot more to these mysterious creatures than we give them credit for.
The clip below shows the incredible moment an octopus appears to thank the family who had saved her the previous day – and it’s something you have to see to believe.
According to the clip’s brief description on YouTube, the octopus was stranded on the beach when the family came across it. Seeing that it was struggling in the shallow waters where it got stuck after the tide went out, they decided to help.
They released the octopus by pushing it back into deep water. After a few seconds, the octopus swam away. The family thought that would be the end of the story!
But this is where the incredible part comes in! After recovering, the octopus actually moved towards its rescuer’s left shoe and placed one of its tentacles on it for some time before moving off. The family is convinced that it was its way of thanking them.
This video shows the special interaction between them and it will likely melt your heart.

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