Family of bears having the time of their lives in playground

When it comes to having a good time, there are not too many animals to enjoy it as much as bears does, especially little cubs. And since mothers bear do anything their spoiled little babies want, it became a pretty common sight to see bear cubs having all sort of activities like children do.

This time, a mother bear decided to take her adorable cubs to a playground. It happened in Asheville, North Carolina – a place where live a pretty large black bear population. So even though the locals are used to have close encounters with their massive furry neighbors, this family was quite surprised to see that five bear cubs are having the time of their lives at their children’s playground. Under the watch of their mom at least; and what a better thing to do, but to capture them on video!

“This was taken in our backyard,” the woman who filmed the hilarious scene, said. “It is supposedly a mom and five cubs, two of which are suspected to be adopted from a different litter.”

The cute little invaders doesn’t seemed bother by anything in their attempt of having some fun. They actually look so fascinated by the children’s swing-set as they can’t get enough of it. At some point even the little one’s mom seems she’s about to join them, but she quickly gives up.

Apparently, black bears really enjoy to break into people’s backyards whether for hanging around, playing on the slides or cooling into their pools. Either way, the results were nothing but hilarious and mostly they had been captured on camera! Like this family for instance, who could not believed their eyes when spotted a family of bears having some pool time in their backyard.

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