Mother bear and cubs spent their entire lives in cages – now they finally experience freedom

Even though great progress has been made when it come to ensuring the best conditions for wild animals that kept in activity, there are still plenty of cases of unfair treatment to those animals. Anyway, needless to say there is no place for a wild animal in captivity. All animals should be, where they belong: in the wild. But sadly, illegal or abandoned zoos still exist across many different parts of the world, and the United States makes no exception.

Fortunately, there are several institutions that are working really hard to reduce the number of animals that are being kept in improper conditions. Ohio Department of Agriculture managed to obtain several bears from backyard cages and roadside zoo. Some of the bears were overweight, some were obese, and many suffered from intestinal parasites or broken teeth. In order to help improve their health and find new homes for them, PETA teamed up with The Wild Animal Sanctuary to transport the bears to the beautiful Colorado sanctuary, a place where the bears will finally have enough space to live like real bears.

When they got to the vast naturalistic habitats at the Colorado sanctuary, the bears finally took their first steps into freedom and their new lives. Their reactions as they’ve explored their new homes for the first time are tear-jerking!

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