Family Member Kisses 3-Year-Old, Then She Breaks Out In Bleeding Blisters

If you have small children, then you are probably used to family members and friends showing affection towards them by given them kisses and hugs. At first, it seems like a harmless sign of affection. That’s what the family in the video below thought until their little girl Sienna ended up in the hospital with a skin infection that was basically eating her alive.
It all started at the girl’s second birthday party. Then, a family member kissed her on the face, like it usually happens at these types of events and not only. But soon after, the little girl would break out into painful blisters which her family describes as looking as if someone poured acid on to her face.
Doctors tried for almost a year to diagnose the little girl, during which time the blisters continued to grow and ravage her face. It got so bad that Sienna needed to be hospitalized because she could no longer eat by herself. Desperate, Sienna’s mom started to look for a solution herself. The woman remembered a family member had kissed Sienna almost a year ago, and the girl was finally diagnosed with herpes simplex type 1.
Sienna made a full recovery.

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