Family in tears when finding their cat survived California wildfire

Only the thought of losing a furry companion is heartbreaking , so I cannot even imagine how devastating would be when it really happens. It’s the kind of experience this family in Malibu has been forced to live, because of the devastating wildfires what continue to rage all over California. However, for the Patterson family the things have miraculously take an unexpected turn, when they find out their beloved cat survived the blaze.


Hamish Patterson and his family have been forced to flee their home, leaving behind all their belongings as well as their lovely cat – Mike. When they had to evacuate the house, the confused cat was nowhere to be found, so they left without him.


It took no less than nine days, until it was safe for Hamish to return to the place used to call home. As imagine, he lost any hope of finding Mike. However, while searching the wreckage, the lucky black kitten has miraculously made his way from the ashes.


When Hamish and his wife returned, everything was completely pounded to dust and ashes. But Mike proved cats really have more than one life as he managed to make it through unharmed. “Oh my goodness, my kitty made it,” the man can be heard while tears started to flow down his face.

Watch the heartwarming reunion, here:

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