Family delighted to find friendly fox and sunk happily playing together in their backyard

When it comes to unlikely friendships, the animal kingdom never cease to amaze. But even though a fox hanging out with a sunk is not a sight to see everyday, let alone captured on camera. Top it off, the unusual duo took a family’s backyard to turn into their playground.

Cheryl Ward couldn’t believed her eyes when opened her house window to get some fresh air, only to spot a fox and a sunk happily playing together in her backyard. Delighted, the woman called her entire family to watch the lovely scene and of course she grabbed her cellphone to film it.

On the other hand, the two little fellas didn’t seemed to be bothered nor shy in front of the camera as they kept up with their quality time. Just like in those fairytales our grandparents used to tell us before sleeping, the friendly fox and its sunk buddy continued to chase around the backyard, showing once again that a true friendship knows no boundaries. And wild animals seems so good at showing that!

“We watched these two for over an hour they played all over our back yard,” Cheryl wrote on Facebook. “The fox has been around for over a month but brought the skunk today, they went off to play after the video.”

Since shared on Facebook, the adorable footage gained millions of views with people absorbed by the sweet, unusual pair. “This is better than a Disney movie,” one person wrote. “It’s amazing to see different species playing together and getting along,” another person wrote.

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