Fallen Soldier’s Wife Is Forced to Sell His Car – 15-Years Later, Son Is Gifted That Same Car

Receiving a car the second you are old enough to drive it is a pretty big deal as is, but for the teenage boy named Justin in the video below, the event has special meaning. That’s because the car he got isn’t just any car, but the same car his dad used to drive more than fifteen years ago.
You see, the boy’s dad was actually a soldier. In 2003, as he was serving in Bagdad, the man was tragically killed by an unexploded rocked grenade. Justin was just a few months old when it happened, so he didn’t actually get a chance to get to know his dad, other than through the stories his mom told him about him.
And when Justin turned fifteen years old, mom thought of another way to help the now teenage boy feel more connected to his dad, even if they can’t physically be together. The woman remembered a car she was forced to sell when her husband passed away.
Money was tight back then and the car that used to belong to her husband and Justin’s dad was just sitting in the driveway. But with Justin getting his license, the woman decided to track down the car and give it as a gift.
She knew it wouldn’t be easy to find a car that she last saw almost two decades ago, but something in her gut told her that she owed it to her husband to at least try. And believe it or not, through Facebook, she actually managed to not only find but also buy back the same car Justin’s dad used to drive all those years back.
Take a look:

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