Fake interview PERFECTLY captures their faces when they hear the AMAZING NEWS

Everyone loves a good pregnancy announcement video, right? It’s always nice when the soon to be parents come up with an original way to break the big news to their friends and family, but that’s not the best part about watching a pregnancy announcement video.
The best part is watching the reaction of the family members when they find out they will be grandparents, sisters, aunts, and so on. That’s what truly makes these videos so special. But sometimes it’s hard to catch the reactions of close family members on tape without them suspecting something’s up.
If you put a camera in their faces, you risk of ruining the surprise. The couple who planned the surprise in the video below had the genius idea to get their families in front of the camera under the pretext that they were about to give an local interview about something less special.
While the camera was rolling, the family members found out the real reason they were asked to take part in a video. Their reaction as they find out there will be a new baby born in their family is truly priceless. You need to see this!

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