Expert car washer shares creative cleaning hacks to keep the inside and outside of your car spotless

No matter how hard you try to keep your car as clean as possible, your car is bound to get messy sooner or later. Stuff start to pile up, maybe you spilled something and now there are stains all over the inside of your car.
Or perhaps you’ve driven your car on a country road and now the exterior looks like you took a drive through the middle of the Sahara Desert. Now, there are a million things that can cause your car to get dirty, so what you are really interested in are solutions, right?
The first thing that comes to mind is taking your car to get detailing, and that’s a great option – if you are willing to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars. But why spend money when you can save money?
Another option it to take care of cleaning your car yourself. Don’t worry, all you need are some clever hacks and some free time you can dedicate to this activity. We can’t help you make time, but we can help you with the first part and share with you a few smart tips to keep that automobile of yours looking fresh!
All you have to do is hit play!

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