Everyone’s Surprised Man Lives in Such a Bare Apartment, Then He Starts Pushing On the Walls

Generally speaking, living in a 258 square foot apartment can get a bit cramped, a little claustrophobic, but the man in the video below thinks that living small actually has a lot of perks. He’s perfectly happy living in a space that is only slightly bigger than the bathroom of a bigger home, but the reason might take you by surprise.
The secret is in the furniture. You see, all the furniture in his apartment serves multiple purposes and it’s always out of sight. To use a piece of furniture, the man has to build it first. So when he isn’t cooking, sleeping, eating or doing any kind of activity that requires furniture, the apartment actually looks like an empty cube box.
The Lego-style apartment which can transform into infinite spaces was inspired by clean lines of a small Japanese home. Another source of inspiration was the furniture that can typically be found aboard boats and which is known to have amazing space-saving characteristics.
The apartment is located in Barcelona’s trendy Born district.
Want a tour of this one-of-a-kind apartment without having to book a plane ticket? You’re in luck, because all you have to do is hit play.

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