Everyone Burst Into Laughter When She Shakes It Up With Her Favorite Song

How do you react when your favorite song comes on the radio? If you’re anything like me, then hearing your favorite song when you don’t expect actually has the potential to turn your day around. It makes you want to get up from your seat, stop whatever you are doing and just dance your heart out.
Well, it’s exactly how this adorable little girl feels, and she’s definitely not afraid to express herself and showcase her killer dance moves. And now the Internet is falling in love with her impromptu performance shown in this 20-seconds video.
While her entire family watches, she dances to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” as she puts on a show for her loved ones to enjoy. Dressed in her pajamas, the little girl proves she has the attitude needed to perform in front of a much bigger audience as well.
She is definitely having the time of her life dancing to the song. That’s one of the best things about kids, don’t you think? Their ability to enjoy the small things and live in the present without worrying about all the small things us adults think about and that get in the way of us making the most out of each day.


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