They escaped their burning car. When they returned and found THIS? They knew God was watching over them

Religion is a touchy subject nowadays. Everybody has the right to think and believe whatever they want, but there’s no denying that some things are simply beyond our power to explain them. It’s the case here.
A man managed to escape unharmed from his car after being involved in a serious car accident. The car was hit by a speeding driver, and slid to the side of the road before combusting.
The man inside of the car escaped by the skin of his teeth, but some people think it was more than just his luck that got him out of that car alive. Some think it was divine intervention. You see, the entire car and the objects inside of it caught on fire and burned. Expect for one thing: The Holy Bible.
The sacred book was found inside the car after firefighters managed to extinct the fire and retrieve some of the objects that were inside the car. They say they have no logical explanation for why the Holy Bible didn’t catch on fire like the rest of the things inside the car.

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