Emotional video shows Ukrainian man reunited with lost dog

A man got the chance to be reunited with his missing Husky, after they got separated during the war in Ukraine. The heartwarming moment was possible thanks to some Belarusian volunteer troops who found the dog, rescued her and then eventually reunited her with her family. The beautiful moment was caught on camera and went viral online!


Nessie – an adorable Husky – was separated from her family shorty after the war started, and they never thought they will see her again. But only to miraculously reunite her several weeks after. The dog was initially found by a group of Belarusian soldiers, and they thought she a stray. Anyway, they shared the news of finding the dog online, hoping someone will recognize her.


Fortunately it didn’t take too long until they learned Nessie got actually lost, and she not a stray dog. So the kind soldiers, located the owners and made possible the beautiful reunion, in a parking lot in the city of Kyiv.

Heartwarming video shows the moment Nessie walks, then soon as she recognize him, she started to run toward her owner. The pair hugged and cuddled with each other as they both look so happy to meet again!


“As long as some treat people like animals, we are fighting for the lives of not only humans but every animal,” the battalion that found Nessie wrote online! You can watch the reunion here:

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