Ellen’s First-Ever TV Appearance On Johnny Carson Is Still Hilarious 31 Yrs. Later.

On November 28, 1986, the Ellen DeGeneres we all know and love today was sitting backstage at the Tonight Show, waiting to make her big debut on the show. Ellen was already working as a stand-up comedian at that time, but she was nowhere near as famous as she is today.
Sure, her status in the showbiz business has changed, but in some ways, Ellen is still the same she was more than thirty years ago. She was just as funny and relatable back then as she is today. Ellen was just in their late 20s in this clip, but her big personality shines through.
You can tell just by looking at this video and by following the dialogue between Johnny Carson and Ellen that there was something special about her. That was a night that changed her life in many ways, and we’re fortunate there’s footage to prove Ellen was always as hilarious as we know her today.
If you’re an Ellen DeGeneres fan, and honestly why wouldn’t you be, then you are going to love this video. Don’t forget to share the joy and share this classic clip with all of your friends and family online.
Get ready to laugh!

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