Ellen Heard Of The Temporary Breast Enlargement, Then She Invented A Trick. Hilarious!

Many women want to have largest breast, which is why breast enlargement procedures are so popular nowadays. Surgeons and other people in the medical industry are constantly trying to come up with new techniques and procedures to help women get the bust they want. Well, some of these breakthroughs are pretty incredible, while other inventions are downright stupid.
I’m guessing you’ll have no problem guessing in which category this next invention belongs to. Introducing Insta-Breasts, a procedure that allows women to have larger breasts for 24 hours. Considering the procedure costs no less than $2, 500, wouldn’t it just make sense to save up for a surgery that has permanent results? Just saying…
Anyway, Ellen got a hold of this procedure, and decided to do some more digging on the subject for her audience and viewers at home. Moreover, she even came up with her own version of Insta-Breasts. Called Adjust-a-Bust, her invention also gives women the chance to adjust their bust sizes, but for way less money.
To prove that her invention is way better, Ellen even got one of her staff members to try it out on set. The result is hilarious! Check it out!

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