Baby elephant excited to spot keeper nearby, runs over and greets him in hilarious way

There is no denying that life is better with friends. Having someone with whom you can share both the good and the bad is priceless. And, as it turns out, friendship doesn’t care about the species, let alone the age of the ones involved.

We’ve seen it on countless occasions: animals (wild animals included) and humans become best friends and share a bond that seems to defy all logic. The baby elephant in the video below and her human caretaker have a special relationship with one another that made the Internet irremediably fell in love with them. In this heartwarming scene, the baby elephant can be seen sitting on the keeper’s lap like a child sitting on her father’s knees, and it’s just as adorable as it sounds.

According to the clip’s brief description on YouTube, this type of interaction between them two is pretty common. This means that the elephant not only fully trusts her human caretaker but that she also feels a more personal connection with him. It’s always wonderful to see a human and an animal share a moment of affection, so please take a second to share this beautiful interaction with all of your friends and family.

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