Driver Goes to Park in Handicap Spot, His Eyes Go Wide as He Sees A Mysterious Figure Appear

There are many different reason why people use disabled parking spaces. That’s because there are many disabilities a person can suffer from. But laziness is definitely not one of them. Still, some people who are perfectly healthy choose to ignore all the legislative rules (as well as common sense rules) and park in the zones meant for people with disabilities.
In fact, in Russia, more than 30% of all drivers take disabled parking spaces without any consideration for the signs on the ground.
One nonprofit organization called Dislike plans to change that and put an end to this inconsiderate behavior through a one-of-a-kind campaign that mixes high-technology with some good old fashion shamming.
They installed projections of a real disabled person that appear whenever a healthy driver tried to park in disabled parking space at a crowded mall.
High-tech cameras checked the presence of the disabled sticker on the cars’ windshields, and if no sticker was detected, then a hologram would pop up to confront the inconsiderate driver on the spot.
The results were pretty incredible. You can see the experiment in action and how drivers reacted when they were held responsible for their actions by watching the video below.

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