If Drake’s photos made it into GTA

Drake saw his name in the titles of various publications in the past year. It became famous around the world for his collaborations with renowned artists including Rihanna (for the songs “Take Care” and “What’s My Name”) and Nicki Minaj (songs “Only” and “Moment for Life”), but also thanks to singles his fixes may “Marvin’s Room,” “Started from the bottom”, “Hold on, we’re going home” and “All me”, which is impossible to not have heard before. If however “Drake” you do not sound familiar, certainly after you watch the latest video, this name will remain imprinted in your mind! The artist seems to have achieved what Kim Kardashian aims for more than 1 year: to break the Internet. Video or the most recent single, “Bling Hotline” has sparked frenzy among Internet users, who do not understand what were you thinking when the artist who designed the “choreography” song.

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