Lizard and cat become two unlikely best friends

Animals have proved it for so many times, they have a lot to teach us. The fact they are able to see pass the obvious differences that exist between them and form unlikely friendship, makes them better than people. And what can be more unlikely that a cat befriending an iguana?

Bobby the cat and Charles the bearded dragon love to cuddle and spend most of their time together. Beating all the odds, this unlikely duo is the perfect example of what friendship and empathy really means.

Despite Bobby is more like a lazy cat and he prefers to spend the days laying in bed, the two are getting along each other very well. They love to cuddle and admire the landscape through the window



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Even though sometimes Charles plays some tricks with his buddy – like the one when he’s stolen the cat’s bed, Baby is such a big heart and he always put those little misunderstandings behind. Even if he needs to sleep on the floor or in a box. “Poor” kitty went to sleep in a box, after Charles stole his bed,”the owner said.

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