Pod of dolphins helps lost baby seal to find his way home

Wildlife is an extremely tough place to be, especially for a baby animal. But even a dog-eat-dog world, wildlife sometimes offers scenes meant to melt even the coldest hearts. A once-in-a-lifetime footage captured by the Canadian wildlife channel ‘Oasis HD’ shows the moment a group of dolphins is helping a lost seal pup to find his way back home.

Driven by curiosity, just like any other baby, this tiny seal decided to adventure offshore, in the deep waters of the ocean. But little did it know that wondering too far from the beach could be fatal. As some point, the baby seal got separated from its group and when it saw itself all alone, it naturally got scared. Initially, it started to look after its parents, but unsuccessfully. Confused, the poor little one started to swim offshore with the hope it will eventually find its group, but after a few yards the exhausted creature could barely keep its head afloat and everything seemed lost for it.

Thankfully for the the lost seal, the help came when it expected less. A group of dolphins realized the baby seal is in a tough situation, so they decided to help it. Surprisingly the marine mammals circled the lost seal and gently redirect it to the beach. In the end, the dolphins incredible gesture saved the little one’s life.

Even unthinkable, this isn’t the first time when a dolphin acts in such manner. Actually, even the narrator can be heard saying that the scene is just another “mysterious altruistic behavior that dolphins are known to show to other animals.”

Dolphins are known as highly intelligent creatures and wildlife experts say they’re very close to apes or monkeys when it comes social behavior. “The more you learn about dolphins, the more you realize that they do have the capacity and characteristics that we think of when we think of a person,” Lori Marino, a neuroscientist at the Emory University told Associated Press.

Watch the incredible video bellow!

(h/t: animalchannel)

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