Playful dolphin jumps out of water to say “hello” to curious dogs

When it comes down to heart-melting moments, the animal kingdom never cease to amaze! Some friendly interactions between different species are so incredible it’s hard to believe they even happened. Well, one curious dolphin befriending two lovely pups is definitely that kind of story. Thankfully, the adorable scene was caught on camera!

Miles and Stanley are two adventurous dogs and to please them, their mom Magen Peigelbeck frequently takes them to exciting trips. But even they would have never guessed just how sensational their last adventure was.

A few days ago, the two pups and their mom went boating near the Isle of Hope Marina, off the coast of Georgia. They were enjoying the day when an unlikely guest decided to pass by to say “hi.” A lovely dolphin driven by curiosity, has spotted the furry creatures and decided to get closer.

The once in a lifetime moment left Magen open-mouthed. “I was in awe,” Peigelbeck told The Dodo. “I knew it was a special moment. The dolphin was having a great time, there to see the dogs, clearly. [We] never experienced something like this.”

The tender scene took a while since the wild creature looked like it can’t get enough of the two pups. So he kept fallowing the boat and jumping out of water to salute its adorable new friends. What a sight to behold!

h/t: facebook | the dodo

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