This Is Why Dogs Kick Their Feet After They Poop – I Had No Idea!

Having a dog is amazing for so many different reasons. Not only are canines extremely loving and loyal but they are also incredible companions who are always there to put you in a better mood. That being said, there is no denying the fact that they do some pretty weird stuff from time to time as well.
For instance, have you ever wondered why your dog will sometimes walk in circles before going to the bathroom? Or why he kicks his feet right after he’s finished pooping?
Well, as unusual as these rituals may seem to us, as it turns out, they are actually grounded in science. You see, according to many experts and extensive research, dog’s actions are often driven by their psychological needs, and that includes they poop-related habits.
And while most owners think that dogs kick up the grass or dirt over the area where they just pooped to cover up the mess, the real explanation is actually an entirely different one. Believe it or not, dogs do that to send a message to other dogs who might walk on that same area afterwards.
So what is the message they are trying to pass on to other dogs, you may wonder. Marking their territory is one possible reason for the post-poop digging. However, other experts think differently and say that it’s a tactic meant to also help dogs “cover their tracks so that other animals won’t know they’ve been there.”
As you can see, dogs actually have a lot of reasons to kick their feet after they poop – it’s not just silly behavior meant to make us laugh! Go figure.

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