Mom turns on Michael Jackson in car – dog’s response has internet in laughter

Dogs love hanging out in the car with their owners. But the adorable pup in the video below does more than just keep his human friend company while on the road. Believe it or not, this cute dog is actually a pretty gifted singer.

Melissa Mourelatos

As you can see it in the adorable footage below, the dog loves to sing along – especially with Michael Jackson playing on the radio. The dog, named Honey is one of Michael’s biggest fan and has the best reaction every time he hears one of his songs.

According to Honey’s owner, Mellissa, the dog had an unbelievable response ever since the first time she turned on Michael Jackson music. The dog got visibly excited and started moving around the room as if he was trying to dance to the music.

Melissa Mourelatos

Since then, Mellissa makes sure to play Michel Jackson’s music in the car every time Honey tags along, and she recently recorded the dog’s reaction when feeling the beat. Luckily to all of us, she decided to make the lovely video public, and it’s a good thing she did, because this is one of those things that you definitely need to see to believe. Get ready to bright your day. Check it out!

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