Dog with Short Spine Finds Family Who Makes Sure He is Never Short of Love

Squishy, one of the few dozen dogs in the world with short spine syndrome, was born with unique physical challenges that set him apart from other dogs. Simple tasks like bending down or scratching become more difficult for him. However, Squishy refuses to let these obstacles hinder his zest for life.

At the age of four, Squishy’s original family found themselves unable to provide him with the care he needed. That’s when Joe and Sally entered the picture. Initially, they offered to pet sit for Squishy, but little did they know that he would soon become a permanent member of their family.

Now, Squishy has loving parents and furry siblings who absolutely adore him. His dad is always ready to shower him with affectionate scratches whenever he desires. Despite his short spine, Squishy’s family ensures that he is never lacking in love and care.

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