Dog with ‘human’ face becomes internet sensation

All dogs are special and unique in their own way. However, this Aussiepoo mix takes the uniqueness to the next level. The reason? Well, Nori’s human like face

His fur parents, Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo from Seattle admit that passersby are frequently scratch heads at their doggy, because of its human facial expressions. But that’s not all, because Nori is now an internet sensation too, after his dad decided to share a photo of him in a tweet.

“When he was a puppy, we couldn’t go more than a block without someone stopping us to ask questions about him. It has become less frequent as he’s gotten older, but we still often hear about how human his face and eyes look,” says Kevin, Nori’s owner. “When he was a puppy, his fur was much darker, and he often was compared to Chewbacca or an Ewok, which are characters in Star Wars. We usually hear that it is his eyes that creates the human look, and I tend to agree. Nori is a Toy Australian Shepard and Toy Poodle mix and he often looks like he’s smiling.

Well, you have to admit, with those pink lips and that smile, Nori looks exactly like a human being. According to his owners, the adorable doggy is very friendly with other dogs and humans as well.

“That’s where we get all the comments about his human features, with some people saying he looks like a giant person, or they’re marvelling at his eyes,” the dog’s mom, Tiffany said. “He loves all people and dogs that he meets, and just wants to be friends with everyone. He’s got quirky behaviour, like when he ‘kneads’, where he’ll put a toy in his mouth while he kneads with his front paws, like cats often do.”

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