Tiny wiener dog travels 10,000 miles to reunite with her owners

Dogs never cease to amaze. These adorable beings are not just incredibly loyal and kind, but also capable of impossible things. And this tiny pup proved she’s able to travel around the world, only to rejoin her family.

Earlier this year, Pip – a cute tiny dachshund, was left alone in the world, after her owner were forced to leave due to the pandemic. The tiny wiener was sailing around the world with his owners Zoe and Guy Eilbeck and their sons Max and Cam. The adventurous family docked their boat on Hilton Head Island, when they heard the news. They had less then 48 hours to pack everything and get to Australia – their home country.

Unfortunately, because of the Australian incredible strict animal import regulation, they have been forced to leave poor little Pip behind. Just as many of us, the Eilbecks thought it would something temporary, so they asked a friend in South Carolina to foster Pip until they’d return. “Pip went from living on a sailboat to living on a bison farm,” Zoe told CNN. “That’s something that really tickles me.”

But things didn’t go as expected. The boarders remained closed for quite a while and since Pip’s foster parents already had two dogs, a solution had to be found. After they shared a post online, a kind woman offered to shelter the tiny pup. Without knowing all the details Ellen Steinberg from Hillsborough, North Carolina was completely heartbroken when heard Pip’s story.

“I heard that a family who were living on a boat abandoned their dog and flew back to Australia,” the woman said. “But as soon as I talked to them, I realized they couldn’t be more caring. I just got the wrong impression from not having all the details.”

But meantime, Pip’s owners were making hard efforts in their attempt to reunite with their beloved pup. And since there was no chance for one of them to travel to the US, Pip would had to travel all by herself. Thankfully Ellen kindness hugely helped them.

Once the paperwork was ready, the hard part began – Pip’s 10,000 miles trip to be reunited with his owners. The tiny dog traveled from North Carolina to Los Angeles and then to Auckland. On July 24 Pip was boarded on a flight to Melbourne. There she stayed 10 days in quarantine, before her flight to Sydney.


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Result!! She’s home! Can’t quite believe we did it, and what a journey little Pip has been on. That empty dogbed finally has a sausage in it!! Enormous thanks to Virgin Cargo , the Sydney Morning Herald and Channel 9 for working tirelessly over the last few days to make this happen tonight. Our tiny puppy is home at last and arrived to great attention with no less than 4 media crew there and cheers from her now FIVE foster caters on Whatsapp even though it was 4am in the USA! Everyone in this house will sleep extremely well tonight. Thanks for following her journey to date. Island adventures await. #goodgirlpip #homeatlast #adventuredog #family #wedidit #virginaustralia #virgincargo #smh #dachshund #celebritydachshund #homesweethome #pipishere #noplansjustoptions

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The little Pip has finally arrived at her destination on August 11. After five months, she was about to be reunited with her beloved family. It was such an emotional moment. “When she heard our voices, she came barreling into our arms,” Zoe said. “It was absolutely amazing to have her back after all that time.”

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