Man loses dentures only to find his dog with a brand new smile

Sometimes, dogs are innocent thieves. They are always trying to steal food, shoes, socks and so many other things. Actually they try appropriate  whatever crosses their way. In this particularly situation the man’s best friend came across his owner’s dentures!

The Twitter user Eunice shared some hilarious photos of her dog, Maggie while stealing her father’s dentures. But the dog proved herself such a bad thief since is actually quite difficult for a Shih Tzu to hide a pair of dentures.


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I have no idea how these got here 🤷🏻‍♀️

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According to Eunice, the father took off his dentures one day, because because his gums had been hurting him. And while he took a nap, Maggie saw the perfect opportunity to try his dentures.

Eunice told BuzzFeed News that when her father woke up from his nap he discovered Maggie under the living room table sporting the new pearly whites.

“I was in tears laughing and showing all of my coworkers,” was her reaction when her dad texted her the photos of Maggie.

However, as Eunice said it took her a “few months” to share the funny photos of her doggy while wearing her dad’s dentures on social media. And we are glad she did it after all as her tweet went viral ever since.

In the end everything worked out, Eunice said her father was in the market for a new pair. Maybe because he thought the old ones are fitting Maggie so well! 🙂


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