Puppy shares food with hungry stray cat in heartwarming footage

When it comes to caring for those in need, nothing compares with a pup’s gentle soul. These incredible beings never cease to amaze the world with their kindness. Recently, a pup proved the world – once again – they are not animals, but angels on Earth!

A sweet doggie in China has been captured on camera sharing food with a starving homeless kitten. The heartwarming scene has been filmed by the pup’s owner – Ms Fu, in Weifang, Shandong Province, China. The man was outside his home with his beloved pup – Pudding, when his four-legged companion left him open-mouthed with his kind gesture.

Ms Fu couldn’t believed his eyes when spotted Pudding carrying a meat bun in his mouth and then leave it next to some steps, where a stray confused kitten was sitting. Before taking a few steps back, the cute dog started barking to draw the cat’s attention. A little shy, the helpless creature carefully approached the meal the kind doggie gave her.

“I caught the moment by chance,” the proud owner told Chinese news outlet The Paper. “I had no idea that what I soon captured on camera was really happening. I never [imagined] our dog to gave the meat bun to the cat. I was very touched by the moment, because our dog is a guard dog, and usually very protective of its food.”

Watch the heart-melting scene!

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