Mom promise to offer baby a treat if he says ‘mama,’ – dog says it instead

One of the biggest concerns parents have when bringing a baby in a home that already has a dog under its roof is that the pup will feel left aside because most of the parents’ attention will naturally focus on the baby. Well, according to a recent study, this concern is not so far-fetched as many people think.

As it turns out, dogs do get jealous and compete for attention. And when you stop to really think about it, this all makes sense. After all, many pet owners pamper and treat their dogs as if they were children. So when some of that attention gets taken away, they are bound to react in one way or another. And suddenly, everything turns into a competition – one that sometimes has hilarious results. What is going on in the video below surely fits the description.

In the clip, a mom can be seen trying to get her baby to say “Mama” and offers a bite of food on her plate as the reward. But little does she know that the family dog is also interested in what she has to offer, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get it. And so the competition for who can say the word faster begins.

Although the baby is making visible efforts to say the word, the dog just wanted the food more badly than she did. And believe it or not, it’s the adorable and super clever dog that gets the win by being the first to say ‘Mama.’ Have you ever seen anything like this?

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