The Dog Refuses To Leave The Car. Now Watch When The Owner Goes To The Other Side…

It’s pretty common knowledge that dogs like to go on rides in the car with their owners, especially during warm, sunny days. The air conditioning helps dogs cool off and beat the summer heat. Also, there’s nothing dogs like more than stick their heads out a car’s window and feel the nice wind blowing in their faces.
Now, all dogs enjoy going on drives and spending some time in the car with their owners, but the poodle in the video below definitely takes things to a whole other level. After getting back home for a drive, the dog refuses to leave her owner’s car. Despite the owner’s best efforts to gently convince her to step down from the car, the pup just refuses to accept the drive is over.
In an effort to make her owner take her on another trip, the poodle smartly evades the owners when she tries to remove her from the car. As soon as the woman walks over the other side of the car to get to the passenger’s seat where the puddle was, the dog quickly changes seat making it hard for her owner to reach her.
This is one smart dog; that’s for sure!

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