Dog paws look like tiny koalas and and the internet can’t handle it

As they were not special enough already, this latest discovery makes our beloved furry companions even more precious. A few days ago a tweet has taken the internet by storm. All after the user @41Strange shared some photos with the bottom of dog paws. Nothing special so far, as we are all touching that soft pads of our beloved pups, at least a dozen times…a day.

Yet, @41Strange took the Twitter to show the incredible similarities between paddy paws and the a cute baby koala. And honestly, now he mentioned that, you just can’t unsee it.

I know you’re wondering why on Earth you haven’t seen this before. But you’re not the only one. In fact, the tweet immediately went viral with more than 10, 000 retweets and obviously thousands of dog lovers checking their furry friends’ pads, to make sure it’s actually true. Honestly, I have to admit I was one of them, too.

As you can imagine, shortly after the Twitter was spread with adorable photos of tiny koalas on the bottom of the dogs paws. Here are some of them:

Some people could swear it, they look like baby Simba, too:

Even those who were gone from home, need to convince themselves. Like this dog lover:

Honestly, I think this is by far the cutest tweet we’ve seen this year. God bless the internet!

h/t: Twitter | 5why

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