A Dog Is Napping On The Couch. Suddenly, An Unexpected Visitor Joins, And My Heart Melted

Who doesn’t like naps, right? Naps are awesome. They’re short, relaxing, and you wake up completely invigorated like you’ve just woke up after you’ve slept all night. But do you know what makes naps even better? If you have a napping partner you can cuddle up to whenever you feel like it.
Well, it seems that the cat in the video below has found her perfect napping buddy, and the result is going viral. Maeby the Husky was enjoying a relaxing, afternoon nap when Farina the cat decided she want to rest her paws for a couple of hours too. She saw her napping buddy snoozing on the sofa, so she decided to join him.
The dog looked sound asleep so the cat had to move carefully so that she won’t wake the pup up. But that’s just not typical cat behavior. Instead of actually being considerate with the dog’s needs, the cat jumped on the dog’s back and used it as a comfy bed.
Judging by these images, the back of a dog is perfect for napping, as the cat fell asleep almost instantly. This is something you need to see to believe, so take a look and don’t forget to share!

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