Dog missing for six days cries as it’s reunited with owner in heartbreaking footage

As a dog owner, I must admit I totally freak-out when I can’t spot my beloved pup anywhere near my couch, only to find out he’s actually in the bathroom. So I can’t even imagine what this owner must have felt after his four-legged companion was missing for almost six days. Especially when, the poor dog gone missing after being spooked by fireworks.

The senior schnauzer was walking with his fur dad near a train station when suddenly fireworks started to ignite. Scared to death the 16 year-old dog run away, leaving his owner distraught. But when the devastated owner lost any hope, in an incredible way, the dog found him.

The man was visiting a friend, not far from his home when it happened. The senior dog, actually recognized the owner’s motorcycle engine so she runs out to meet him.

The moment they reunite is heartbreaking. The poor little dog jumps at her owner’s legs and starts to cry uncontrollably, while the relieved owner is kissing and cuddling her. Thankfully, the touching moment was captured on camera and then uploaded on Youtube.

“I lost her a few miles from my house,” the owner recalls.”She couldn’t find my house, so she ended up walking four or five times as far to another house that she was familiar with.”

Watch the heartbreaking reunion bellow:

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