Dog meets her ‘twin’ on a walk and begs mom to bring him home

When going out with your dog for a walk, you never guess on what you may come upon, especially when your furry companion loves adventures. But the way this woman gets surprised by his beloved puppy is just something else!


Even though she always loved animals, Bethany Coleman had already enough with her rescued Rogue and her two senior cats. So at the time she and her partner Tyson have no intention of adopting another furry children. But little did they both know, they will eventually be ‘forced’ to do it!


“My boyfriend actually mentioned getting another dog and I was like, ‘no way,’” Bethany shared with THE DODO. “We were renting an apartment in Beacon Hill in Boston and already had two cats and one dog. If we moved, I kept saying no one in their right mind would rent a place to two humans, two cats and two dogs.”

However it only took a simple walk with the jovial Rogue, to change all of that. As they were enjoying some time around the neighborhood, the friendly dog just spotted another pooch that was looking just like her. From there to adopting the stray dog was nothing but a very small step.


“Another local shelter had a bunch of dogs there for adoption and one just happened to look just like Rogue,” the young woman recalls. “I remember calling Tyson saying, ‘I found a dog I wanna rescue.’”

Soon as she noticed Beast – how the new adopted dog is named – Rogue didn’t left his side for anything in the world. But just to keep it between ourselves, Bethany also fell deep in love with the 8-month-old stray pup.


“Rogue and I had love at first sight with him,” she explained. “He looked just like Rogue, same size (at that time), same coat … they are both cairn [terrier] mixes. We get asked all the time if they’re brother and sister.”


Now the two dogs are (obviously) inseparable. They just do everything together, from eating to sleeping and of course creating lots of trouble around the house for their loving parents. Needless to say that Rogue is more than sure that Beast is is very twin brother. After all, they looks just the same 🙂


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