Dog gets a new puppy for his birthday

Bringing home a second dog is one of the thorniest issues you can experience as a dog owner. There’s always that initial concern that the two dogs won’t get along and one of them will end up feeling neglected and unhappy.
And that’s a valid concern. There have been cases where a dog who has had the entire house and family to himself has not welcomed the new puppy. After all, what pet likes sharing attention, right? But that types of situation can be easily avoided.
All that really matters is that initial meeting between the dogs. If that goes well, and the two dogs get along from the get-go, you can rest assured that everything will be fine in the long run. In fact, their relationship is only bound to get closer and closer as time goes by and they get to spend more time together.
In the case of the two dogs in the video below, that crucial first meeting couldn’t have gone any better. The second dog was actually intended as a gift for the family’s older dog who was feeling a bit lonely.
The adorable Golden doodle needed a play buddy that he could chase around the yard and teach all the cool trick he’s learned. So his owners decided there was no better time to get a second dog, and thought why not make it another Golden doodle?
Judging by the adorable footage below, it’s safe to say that these two will become best of friends faster than you can say Golden doodle!

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